Home office conversion & renovation in Canterbury

Home office renovation, conversion and a full design for your property in Canterbury, Kent and local surrounding areas.

Now more of us are required or prefer to work from home, why not have a bespoke office set up. Re-designing a room for this purpose is a service we offer. Lay out, rewire, dedicated data systems, supply of office equipment/furniture right down to custom designed and built computers, supplied by leading companies in the UK. Finally set up by a computer technician to your requirements.

When people work from home they have very specific requirements from their home office to suit their needs. We can work make a home office for any homeowner in Canterbury and the surrounding Kent area.

Home office creation in Canterbury. Kent
Office creation
Full internal and external works
Structural Work
Bespoke office for your property
Supply of office equipment
Full design and creation
Home extensions
Plumbing and central heating

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